On Folding Door

Metallic Ink Design and Metallic Ink printing technology is the idea and trend Vivaldi wants to lead for folding door.
Based on this idea, Vivaldi introduces a new design – “Hokkaido”. And, introduce two new colors – the August Hokkaido and Silver Hokkaido.

On Wall Panel

All the time, wall panel can only show more flat surface and lack of embossed effect design and color.
Though Laminated wall panel has embossed effect foil on the panel surface but it’s only within 0.12 mm stick up out of the surface.
Therefore, Vivaldi developed new technology to bring the embossed effect foil with 0.5~1.0 mm sticking up out of the surface. That makes Vivaldi Laminated wall panel with better embossed effect and 3D appearance.
“Mosaic”, the most latest PVC foil design of Vivaldi, using this new technology and bring laminated panel up to a better and different look than ever.