Vivaldi started production of plastic folding doors since May 26, 1974. We stand rock steady in the field for 40 years now.

Vivaldi plastic folding doors are perfect for people who prize space and comfort.  Thanks to the doors much precious space might be saved and made the most of.  They can be used in residential buildings (kitchens, rooms, wardrobes), offices and back-up facilities.

Vivaldi Doors' Competitive Advantage

Vivaldi doors' competitive advantage is the high quality, beautiful design and patented construction solutions.

Vivaldi's Patent Rights for Folding Door Structure

What we concern is could Vivaldi products meet customer satisfaction. Based on this mission, we insist to supply excellent designs and produce best quality in plastic folding door panel structure, runner, hinge, top rail, handle & lock. Owing to this aim and self-demand, Vivaldi own many patent rights for folding door structure and main parts. For example:

  • Outstanding panel structure for glazed door, using extrusion profile in place of injection parts
  • Single wall vinyl panel runner, smooth sliding design without lubricant required
  • Double wall vinyl panel runner, sliding smoothly and quiet
  • Silent female hinge, using soft PVC material and rigid PVC material contact to eliminate noise in sliding
  • New style door handles
  • New pattern designs of PS translucent board for glazed doors

Vivaldi dedicate to keep offering new things to customers, we are the only one among Asian manufacturers who are able to announce new pattern design and color collection for every two years.

In 2013, we announced Hokkaido Metallic Silver and Hokkaido Metallic Gold printing pattern and design.

In 2014, we will announce new Cherry and Silver Acacia design and color collection.

100% Perfect Quality Guarantee for Plastic Folding Door

With the profession and knowledge in plastic folding door, Vivaldi is the only one in Asian dare to offer 100% Perfect Quality Guarantee on all products ex-factory from Taiwan.