In Oct. 1974, Vivaldi became the 1st manufacturer in Taiwan who can produce double wall vinyl folding door panel. At that time, there were only 3 manufacturers produce folding doors in Taiwan, NANYA Plastics Corp. is one of them.

  • Accordion door is in the market for more than 40 years and still well accepted now.
  • Pioneer door was a new design from the conception of Accordion with new structure announced in 2009.
  • Crystalline Royal was a female door announced in 1998.
  • Cora and Vera are female doors which Vivaldi announced in 1999.
  • Diamond and Diamond+ were new designed female doors announced in 2013.
  • Rigid door adopted male hinge design. It's the most popular model in Middle East, Spain and Italy. Rigid door can be supplied with metal lock set as option.