Vivaldi is a professional double wall glazed doors manufacturer and specialized in designing different glazed doors, includes as below:

  • Crystalline Glass was announced in 1998, the idea of PS translucent board is from the desert. The wave of sand formed by wind and it becomes the most popular pattern for PS translucent board nowadays.
  • Silver Square was announced in 2003 with high demand for good quality. Its value is more than the worth.
  • Pioneer Glass was designed in 2011 as per the request by Poland market. It's a new generation door with combination of classic aesthetics, economic cost and good quality.
  • Diamond+ and Diamond were announced in 2013. We made the frame of PS translucent board to the minimum to offer the biggest view of PS translucent board. Inspiration from the landscapes of Eastern Taiwan, when the light goes through, we can see clearly the mountains extend into the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful overlapping outline of mountains from near to the distant. Again in year 2013, Vivaldi created a visual art in the series. So, we named this series Diamond+ and Diamond.