Vivaldi Apollo Bi-Fold door offer three pleasant and popular Aluminum colors, White / Silver / Bronze

White Bi-Fold Door Bright and warm powder coating white as the main color for Apollo Bi-Fold door
Silver Bi-Fold Door Using Matt silver metallic color tone to present the metallic feel of Aluminum folding door and the fusion of Matt texture presented by the introverted noble colors, making the Vivaldi Apollo Aluminum folding door exudes a high brightness matt silver color, unique noble appearance, fashion modeling and attractive characteristic 
Bronze Bi-Fold Door Using bright and warm Brown-reddish, Matt Bronze metallic color to present its introverted and noble characteristic. Vivaldi Bronze Aluminum Bi-Fold door has a deep color and a bright Metallic Bronze Aluminum folding door texture, is a very special and rare Aluminum Bronze color present.

And there are three pattern designs available,

For each design we supply color collection for 3 colors, please refer to our product and colors present.