The 100% product quality guarantee – Vivaldi’s promise to all of our customers.

Vivaldi Ltd is a manufacturer that focuses on the quality of its products and at the same time uses modern manufacturing techniques and equipment to keep our costs down. Vivaldi Ltd uses the latest facilities and most advanced machines in its production process. The extruder, calibrator table, profile printing machine and high gloss varnish machine are all from renowned European suppliers.

In addition, Vivaldi Ltd cooperates with one of the biggest and most respected production recipe companies in the world. Whilst this is not the cheapest option, it continues to enforce our focus on high quality products for all of our customers.

Furthermore, Vivaldi Ltd is the only building materials manufacturer that applies the ‘NCS’ colour control system. Both ink and lacquer are made by a professional ink and lacquer supplier from Belgium. Meanwhile, Vivaldi Ltd is also the only Taiwan supplier that use ‘ink auto viscosity’ on a profile printing machine.


To maintain consistently high quality products, quality has to be built in at each stage of our manufacturing process. In other words, focus on quality must be before, during and after the product is manufactured.

Quality before, means we purchase and use the best quality machinery and equipment, purchase the best quality raw materials and have highly trained and motivated employees.

Quality during, means having a recognised system and necessary procedures to monitor quality of product during each stage of the manufacturing process. Quality after, means ensuring that our customers expectations have been exceeded in terms of product quality, service and value for money.

When you choose Vivaldi Ltd as your supplier, you will get the best quality products possible from Asia. That is the Vivaldi 100% product perfect quality guarantee.