Vivaldi’s ability in innovation and developing make Vivaldi folding door and wall panel present an outstanding and its own distinguishing character, totally different from other makers in the field.

Folding Door

The pattern design of PS transparent board on Crystalline Glass door and Diamond+ door, Vivaldi is always an innovator and leader in the field.  Vivaldi insists to bring cultural art and rich life touching into design and keep developing how to use latest technology to create valued product with innovation conception.

On the hardware structure of folding door, Vivaldi is also an innovator on the door panel and runner and own patent rights on these two parts in many countries.

Wall Panel

All the printing pattern and PVC foil design for wall panel of Vivaldi, starting from Original design, Color separation, Engraving cylinder to Color development into color collection.  The first few procedures were done by European designers in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Holland who have long term cooperation with Vivaldi.  And, pass to Taiwan for the color development.

Vivaldi is the only one among Asian manufacturers who follows this legitimacy way to develop her own design and color collection.

Vivaldi’s innovation ability offer all our customers and end users an unique, outstanding and fantastic visual appreciation and life experience.