VIVALDI is a professional manufacturer and supplier for PVC folding doors and PVC wall panels in Taiwan. In our aesthetics and elegant designs and patterns, you will find our efforts in creating product's value to bring you a comfortable and colorful life style.

Our Commitment: produce high quality and unique products

The materials we use must can produce good products and loved by customers. Also, they must be unique and outstanding in the market.

Promise to Our Customers: 100% perfect quality guarantee

Vivaldi promises that all products are 100% under strict quality inspection before ex- factory. Therefore, we offer 100% Perfect Quality Guarantee to all our customers.

Self-Demand and Mission: the innovation of product

Vivaldi product must out of innovation and appreciated by customers. Every new product must totally new in the market and meet customer expectations.

Great Events in Vivaldi

Vivaldi Ltd. was founded in Ping-Tong, Taiwan. At that time, the main product was plastic folding doors as an OEM manufacturer and exported to Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. The production process from the beginning was to focus on consistent high quality products and remain unchanged in future.

1. Vivaldi become an OBM and exported to worldwide with owned brand “Vivaldi”.
2. This year, Vivaldi moved to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in order to expand the business. The market territories were expanded to Canada, Central & South America, Central Asia, North Africa and Europe. 

Announced Accordion Door & Lumiere Door to Japan market.

Announced new folding door Excel Door to Japan market.

Announced lead free Deco, Stardust folding doors into U.S.A. market.

Announced Crystalline Glass & Crystalline Royal folding doors to Europe & Russia markets.

Vivaldi had new product – PVC Wall Panels and exported to Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Central America, South America and Middle East.

Established “Vivaldi Polska in Poznan, Poland in order to offer fast service in the Eastern European and Russian markets.

Announced Pioneer folding door to Europe & Russia markets.

Announced Pioneer Glass folding door into Poland market.

Awarded the “Little Giant” (best company award) from The Economic Ministry of Taiwan Government for its great achievement in producing quality products and innovation.

Set up a CIS region sales representative in Ukraine.

1. Passed the “REACH” test with total 38 items to offer safety plastic products to our customers.
2. Established “Vivladi Plast Russia Ltd.” in Moscow, Russia which has ability for manufacturing for producing PVC wall panels and sales.

Announced Diamond & Diamond﹢new folding doors into Europe & Russia market.

Vivaldi Ltd. has always been focused on producing products that exceed the expectations of our customers both in terms of quality and value for money. We offer 100% quality guarantee, the quality of product is paramount to us and a guiding principle for everyone in our company.

Once you choose Vivaldi Ltd. as your preferred supplier, your satisfaction will be our responsibility.